TransHistorical: Transcending historical boundaries; eternal

Janet Mock

Pronouns: She/her

  1. This incredible woman is a writer and advocate, who champions the visibility, the portrayal, struggles and triumphs of transgender women. She also founded and runs the digital campaign #GirlsLikeUs to empower trans women, and wrote about her vow to live visibly in Fish Food: A Memoir, to be published by Atria Books in October 2013.
  2. She served as co-chair, nominee and presenter at the 2012 GLAAD Media Awards and was honored with the Sylvia Rivera Activist Award by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project in November 2012.
  3. She serves on the programs committee at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, where she’s building the LGBTQ youth center’s transgender-specific programming, which creates resources and services for young trans women.
  4. She publicly shared her teenage transition story in Marie Claire and a video testimony for the It Gets Better project in 2011. She tells stories from her life on her blog and hosts a relationships podcast called The Missing Piece with her boyfriend.
  5. She was named The Grio’s 100 most influential people, Sundance Channel‘s Top 10 LGBT voices, and GBM News’ 15 Most Powerful LGBT Figures in 2012. She’s featured in the documentary The LGBTQQA List by famed photographer and director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in June 2013.
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